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Fall River, United States – September 26, 2018 /PressCable/ —

Farias Family Law, P.C has released their own version of the Massachusetts Child Support Calculator effective June, 2018. The calculator is a tool parents and attorneys can use to calculate support. Here’s a link to the calculator and related frequently asked questions.

The calculator works in conjunction with the Child Support Guidelines, which are essentially the rules and explanations of how the guidelines work.

The Guidelines are updated approximately every 4 years. Some of the more recent changes to the Guidelines, which went into effect in 2017, are that health and child care costs are divided among the parties roughly proportional to their respective incomes, there’s a 25% reduction in support for children over 18 and graduated from high school, college contributions are capped at half of the cost of UMass Amherst in-state residence costs, and “hybrid” orders, which were previously used for parenting time between half and two thirds of the time are eliminated.

The calculation essentially considers the parenting time breakdown, and the gross incomes of the parties and allowed deductions, such as health, vision, and dental costs, child-care costs, and costs for other support orders. The resulting number is the presumptive child support amount.

Although the amount of child support recommended by the calculator is “presumptive,” some cases contain unique facts, which require “deviation.” Therefore judges retain the discretion to deviate from the child support amount suggested by the calculator when appropriate. Some reasons for deviation may be extraordinary medical costs for either of the parents, or higher travel costs for transportation of the child for exchanges.

In discussing the calculator’s creation, Attorney Bill Farias said:

“The calculator allows parties and attorneys involved in divorce to quickly run a calculation to get an idea of what the child support order would likely be. It’s a valuable planning tool the parties can use to get an idea of what financial life will look like after a child support order.”

Farias Family Law, P.C welcomes comments and questions from readers as they strive to constantly improve the quality of the content and tools they provide to those in need of family law information.

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