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Meg Kerrigan

Client Service Specialist


Meg is a Client Service Specialist” for Farias Family Law. She’s a first point of contact for our clients. Her top priority is helping people feel understood, and helping them take a step in the direction of making the changes they want and need. She does this with a perfect blend of listening, compassion, empathy, and her outgoing personality.

Meg graduated from UMass Amherst with a degree in Legal Studies. She took a special interest in family law when she realized she could combine her interest in law with her passion for helping people through difficult times.

Meg has been providing elite customer service for over a decade. She previously worked in the restaurant industry, where connecting with people and providing elite service were her main responsibilities.

Meg’s favorite things in life are spending time with family, including her husband Ben, hiking, snowboarding, being in the mountains, and listening to live music. Part of what helps Meg effectively connect with people is her dedication to mental health: she enjoys practicing mindfulness through walking, yoga, meditation and journaling. Meg’s dream vacation is a cross-country road trip to all the National Parks.

Meg is a true difference-maker in client service and we’re lucky to have her on our team!

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