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Ending a marriage is one of the most pivotal decisions a person can make, and if you are preparing for divorce in Norwood, it is crucial to know what the process entails, how you can resolve your divorce efficiently, and the value of having an experienced Norwood divorce lawyer on your side to safeguard your interests. Divorce may be emotionally taxing and financially stressful, but it will be easier with the right attorney assisting you.

Compassionate Legal Counsel for Divorce Proceedings in Norwood, MA

The team at Farias Family Law, P.C., offers individualized legal counsel for divorce proceedings in Norwood and surrounding communities. We believe in client-focused legal counsel for all family court cases we handle, so there will be no one-size-fits-all strategies implemented for you. We’ll take time to listen to your story, understand your goals for your divorce, and help develop a personalized strategy for accomplishing them.

Divorce is more than just ending your marriage contract. It is also the legal process of dividing the property you and your spouse control and, if you have children, deciding custody and support for them. While you may have some understanding of the proceedings you face in your impending case, the reality is that the emotionally stressful nature of the divorce process can make it very hard for the average person to make confident decisions.

When you have an experienced Norwood divorce lawyer advocating for you, you are not only more likely to resolve your dissolution efficiently but also more likely to reach the outcome you hope to see. Farias Family Law, P.C., can leverage cutting-edge technology and provide ongoing support to help navigate your case proceedings with peace of mind and increase your chances of reaching the result you hope to see.

Elements of a Divorce Case

Even if you believe that your divorce will be relatively straightforward, the reality is that any divorce case has the potential to escalate into a highly complicated legal battle that the average person is unprepared to deal with on their own. It is also possible for a seemingly difficult impending divorce to be easier to resolve than you may initially expect. While every divorce is unique, the most common elements of a divorce case include:

  • Property division. One of the most important aspects of divorce is the division of property, and Massachusetts enforces the equitable distribution rule. This strives for the fairest possible division of property but does not necessarily guarantee completely equal shares of property for both divorcing spouses. Each spouse must submit a complete and accurate financial disclosure to complete the property division process.
  • Child custody. When parents divorce, the child custody determination will be the most important and most difficult aspect of the dissolution process. The court decides custody based on the best interests of the children involved in the case, and it is possible for custody to be arranged in different configurations aimed at addressing a child’s unique needs. Your attorney can help you make a compelling case for custody rights.
  • Child support. When custody is awarded in a divorce, the noncustodial parent will be required to pay child support to the custodial parent. Even if parents share custody, child support is likely to factor into their divorce order, and the amount paid can vary over time based on multiple factors, such as increased financial need, cost of living increases, or a paying parent’s disability or change in income.
  • Alimony/spousal support. Alimony is paid by a higher-earning spouse to a lower-earning spouse after divorce with the goal of ensuring the supported spouse can maintain their standard of living and achieve financial independence in an efficient manner. The amount that must be paid and the time that payments will continue largely depends on how long the marriage lasted.

Beyond the basic elements of divorce, it is also possible for dissolution proceedings to touch upon a prenuptial contract if the couple signed one previously, and other proceedings may be required to address issues like domestic violence. An experienced Norwood divorce lawyer can help develop a strategy that suits your personal interests, but it’s vital to remember that many major decisions in a divorce case are left to the discretion of a family court judge.

Resolving Your Divorce in Norwood

As you prepare for your dissolution proceedings in Norwood, it is vital to know the difference between a contested and an uncontested divorce. No matter how you end up resolving your case, the goal in most divorce cases is to move from a contested to an uncontested state. A contested divorce is one in which the spouses disagree as to how they should resolve their divorce. It’s possible to reach an uncontested state through negotiation and mediation.

During divorce mediation, the spouses meet with their attorneys to discuss terms for resolving their divorce. A Norwood divorce lawyer can help their client gather all the documentation they will need to begin divorce proceedings and help them reach amicable results with the other spouse if possible. However, some divorce cases will need to be resolved in the courtroom.

Find Trustworthy Legal Counsel in Norwood

Farias Family Law, P.C., strives to help every client understand the complex legal issues they must address in the clearest possible detail while streamlining their proceedings as much as we can. Divorce can be incredibly disruptive to your life in many ways, and some people take years to feel fully recovered from their dissolution proceedings. However, having the right attorney representing you can make this challenging process much easier to resolve.

Once you have made the decision to end your marriage, it’s crucial that you speak with a Norwood divorce lawyer as quickly as possible to begin the filing process and to gather the evidence and documentation you will need to submit to the court. The team at Farias Family Law, P.C., is ready to help you through this difficult time, so contact us today and schedule a case review with our team to learn how we can assist you.



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