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ma property division

ma property division

Massachusetts follows the popular “equitable division” approach to distributing property/money after divorce, which is governed by G.L. c. 208 sec. 34. The law’s goal is to distribute the property fairly, taking into account a number of factors bearing on the parties’ abilities to produce income and long-term financial prospects. Fault and gender were once significant considerations, but not anymore. The court now focuses on the economics and aims to keep the parties as close as possible to their standing of living during the marriage. The larger the estate, and the greater one spouse’s financial dependence on the other, the more likely it is that there will be a long-term financial impact from the divorce, and the judge will consider that for a division.

Property division is the component of divorce for which it is most important to have quality representation. Judges have broad discretion in determining what property is classified as “marital property” for the division and what is “fair” division; so a skilled, aggressive Massachusetts Property Division Lawyer can be a difference-maker in your financial standing when you walk away from the divorce.


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