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Divorce is a new beginning - a renewed opportunity for hope, happiness, and growth. Financial security is a key piece of the foundation for this next chapter in your life. And if children are involved, you need an arrangement with them that will put them in the best position to thrive and to have a deep and meaningful relationship with you. We craft solutions to ensure that your immediate needs are met and that you are also well-positioned long-term.

What are the core principles at work? Our firm offers aggressive representation, which will maximize the chances of obtaining your desired outcome, while also providing you with the education and support you need to effectively guide you through the process. We take pride in having a reputation for delivering results and helping clients achieve their family law goals.

We offer representation in all areas of family law, including divorce, property division, alimony, modifications, contempt, child custody, child visitation, child support, uncontested divorces, prenuptial agreements, and all other related domestic issues. This firm will fight to get you the best results while making the experience for you as smooth as possible.

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You can influence the outcome of your divorce, and reading this book gives you the information you need to give yourself the best chance of a good outcome. Divorce should be a positive and liberating experience. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life—a fresh start. However, your financial future is on the line as well as your relationship with your children if you have any. Will you just “go with the flow” and hope things work out or would you rather gain the knowledge and take the steps necessary to improve your chances of meeting you divorce goals? If you want to take action, this book is the best place to start: a concise informative guide that gives you the tools you need to end your divorce in the best position possible. .

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Frequently Asked Divorce Questions

1 Is there anything I should immediately do if I think I may need a divorce?
Gather as much financial information about your spouse as possible (paystubs, bank statements, tax returns, mortgage info, retirement and investment account info, etc.), keep a log of significant events that you may need to accurately recount later, and consult an experienced family law attorney as soon as possible. Some preparation and putting a reliable plan in place now can save you money and aggravation later.
2What’s the divorce process?
A complaint is filed, the other party is served with a summons and a copy of the complaint, and the case begins. If an issue requires immediate attention (i.e. child custody/visitation/support or alimony), the parties may go to court for temporary orders. During the next phase, information - usually financial - is exchanged between the parties and there are negotiations. If the case is resolved, an agreement is signed and the divorce finalized. If any issues are unresolved, the case proceeds to trial.
3How should I search for an attorney?
This decision could mean the difference between walking away from a marriage with a favorable arrangement and financial stability or struggling for years to come. Use the internet to research attorneys: their reviews, qualifications, and past client experiences. Ask people you trust for recommendations. And hire an attorney that focuses on divorce practice.
4How is property divided in a divorce?
There’s an “equitable distribution” of the marital assets in divorce, which essentially means the property must be divided fairly. This includes real estate, retirement accounts and other investments, cash, businesses, and everything else the parties own. Age, income, health, assets, and contributions to the marriage are some of the factors the court considers in division. The longer the marriage, and the more equal the contributions from the parties - including non-economic contributions like home-making and child-rearing - the more likely it is that the property will be divided equally.

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