What Makes Us Different

Attorney Bill Farias built a Massachusetts divorce and family law firm that combines aggressive representation with the highest quality client service, which translates to exceptional results.

Our philosophy is that aggressive representation results in a better outcome. Aggressive representation does NOT mean fighting out of emotion rather than reason, which is often a waste of time and money. It DOES mean that generally if your attorney is prepared and willing to fight for you, you’ll get better results. If you go into a divorce with an attorney that will not work to put you at an advantage, you’ll likely walk away sorely disappointed. On the other hand, if your attorney crafts a quality plan for you, works to put you in a position of leverage, and aggressively pursues your goals, you’ll end up with more.

The firm also provides premium client service. You may have heard horror stories about attorneys not devoting enough time to clients, not being available, not returning calls, etc. One of the principles of this firm is that we make an otherwise difficult experience run as smoothly as possible for the client. The client is educated and informed throughout the process, and well-positioned to participate in the case in a meaningful way. Your goals and concerns are our priority. Your questions are answered promptly. And your case will be managed as efficiently as possible, avoiding unnecessary delays and costs. Our client-centered practice minimizes stress and uncertainty.

The combination of top-quality representation and premier client service translates to exceptional results. If you’re guided smoothly through the process, and your attorney helps you develop a solid plan and pursues it aggressively, the outcome generally tends to be better.

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