Bill Farias, Esq.

Attorney Bill Farias is the firm’s founder and lead attorney. His focus is on family law, and mainly divorce, custody and support matters.

He chose family law because it provides an opportunity to help people who are at a low point in life. He loves that people come to him in the darkest of times, and that he has the chance to not only get them through it, but to actually turn their circumstances into a positive experience. That’s what this firm aims for in every case, both in terms of the quality of the legal work and the client service.

Before law school, Bill was a case manager at the Department of Children & Families in MA. This experience allowed him to work closely with families, and required work on issues of custody, mental health, substance abuse, medical care, schooling, domestic violence and other issues that are typically addressed in divorce and custody cases.

Bill dedicated the early part of his career to building the litigation skills. He worked as an assistant district attorney and tried a number of cases before juries and judges. When there are contested issues in family law, it’s important that the attorney has the skill, experience and courage to push the client’s position.

For fun, Bill likes to read and to travel with his wife Kenia, and two little girls, Gabriella and Emma. They have a golden-doodle Allie and a cat Koby. Bill grew up playing hockey and volleyball, but now he’s too old and slow, and gets sore easily, so he stopped. He now channels his competitive drive toward litigation.

Bill’s obsessed with building a firm that combines top-quality legal representation and elite client service.

Nina Sousa, Esq.

Nina Sousa is an Associate Attorney for Farias Family Law. She’s one of the main reasons that clients rave about the service they receive from the firm (check out the online reviews!). Her primary focus is ensuring that the process runs as smoothly as possible for the client: from helping the client understand the process and what to expect, to timely communication and ensuring all questions are answered and concerns are addressed.

Nina has a skill set that combines legal knowledge with elite personal and management skills. She’s easily accessible and extremely helpful resource for clients as they work through the case. She has the experience and knowledge to keep clients informed and at ease, which is especially important in family law.

Nina received her law degree from UMass Law. She has been one of the leaders of a South Coast Youth Program, in which she’s worked closely with courts, schools, and mental health providers to address child behavior. She uses this experience to help clients navigate custody issues.

Nina was born and raised in the Whaling City, where she and her family live. For fun, she likes to play pool and is a member of the American Pool Players Association. She also loves to travel.

Nina has a passion for working with people and helping them through difficult times. Her legal knowledge and ability to help people stay calm and focus on what’s important while keeping them informed and involved throughout the case makes what can be a difficult process much easier and smoother for the client.

Jessica Brightman – Client Service Specialist

Jess is the Client Service Specialist for Farias Family Law. Her focus is on helping clients navigate the family law process, starting with figuring out best first steps and guiding them throughout the case. She loves helping people through challenges, and is available to educate clients and answer questions and manage case activity.

Jess was awesome at everything she did before dedicating herself to family law. She graduated college with High Honors, excelled at every job she’s had, and was an awesome athlete. Whatever she’s dedicated herself to, she’s done at a high level. We’re lucky to have her focusing on client service.

Jess has experience working with families. She worked at Tides Family Services helping families work through difficult times. This gave her experience working with the courts, school systems, managing mental health issues that affected the families, and she worked closely with state agencies to address the families’ needs.

Part of what makes Jess a great asset to our firm and clients is her passion for competition and teamwork. Jess started with gymnastics, played soccer in middle school, and as a teenager, turned to Martial Arts. She’s a third-degree blackbelt, so it goes without saying: she kicks ass. During her Martial Arts career, she earned the nickname “Faith” because of her passion for teaching and helping her students build skills and become more confident.

She now uses her energy, drive, and passion for helping and guiding people through what can sometimes be a difficult family law process.

For fun, Jess enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters, having family movie nights, taking walks, and finding new places to explore. She also enjoys reading and challenging herself to learn new things.

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