Farias Family Law, P.C provides a unique and complete experience in MA Divorce and Family Law

Farias Family Law, P.C, is changing the game in Divorce and Family Law practice. The firm’s founder is Attorney Bill Farias who believes that aggressive and efficient representation combined with the highest quality client service are the keys to a positive client experience.

What makes this firm different?

First, it takes a more holistic approach to divorce. Clients receive the information, support and resources necessary to not only successfully navigate the divorce, but also to set themselves up for a happy and successful life post-divorce.

There’s an ideal balance of addressing immediate needs while also considering and pursuing long-term goals.

The firm also prioritizes reducing the client’s stress. Divorce often invokes feelings of uncertainty and fear. In crafting a client-service framework, the question is: What can the law firm do to decrease anxiety and put clients at ease?

It starts with information. The unknown creates most of the fear. The first appointment at the firm is generally a comprehensive assessment at which the client provides information and identifies key issues and goals. The attorney then provides an analysis, which includes a plan for attaining the client’s goals, actionable advice that can be implemented immediately, and ensuring all of the client’s questions are answered.

Most firms use the first appointment to sell their services. But this firm uses that time to guide the client toward making an educated decision on how to proceed and helping them create a plan of action.

There’s also a guarantee of the highest level of attention and support throughout the process. Individuals going through divorce understandably may have a lot of questions and concerns, some requiring immediate attention.

Unfortunately, the general expectation in legal services is that if you leave a message for an attorney, you can expect to wait a considerable amount of time for a response. Especially if it’s an attorney with a thriving practice. That shouldn’t be tolerated, especially in an emotionally-charged area of practice, such as family law. This firm ensures your questions and concerns are addressed promptly, giving you peace of mind and ensuring information does not fall through the cracks.

The firm also utilizes the newest and best case-management technology to track and share information and documents with clients. No more waiting for the carrier pigeon to deliver your court documents! Items and information are shared with clients immediately so the client is regularly updated and informed throughout the process.

If you go to a restaurant and the service is awful, you’ll think twice about going back. Why is it not the same with legal services?

The firm is also a hub of information and resources for clients, which helps them identify and address areas of need and connects them with other professionals who can help. Some clients need assistance with mental health, some with finance, others are having issues with their children.

Divorce is a perfect springboard for positive change. The firm has a reliable network of providers who can help clients with their specific needs. The goal is to put them in the best position to successfully transition to post-divorce life.

“Our firm was founded on the principle that quality client service is essential, especially in our area of practice. When people are going through family law issues, they’re at their most vulnerable and require the highest quality service and attention. Our goals are to put them at ease, smoothly guide them through the process, and help put them in the best position possible post-divorce,” says Attorney Farias.

Elite service is great, but what about the handling of the case?

The litigation philosophy is best described as the perfect blend of aggression and efficiency.

Aggressive representation creates leverage. In a divorce proceeding, you should work with your attorney to identify and work toward reasonable goals. And to optimize your chances of attaining those goals, you need leverage.

Attorney Farias is a former prosecutor and has extensive litigation experience and fights to obtain that leverage with customized strategies aimed at creating a bargaining advantage.

However, the aggression must be tempered. One of the firm’s key operating principles is that it aims at resolving your case efficiently to avoid wasted time and money. Unfortunately, that cannot be said of some divorce practices that take full financial advantage of the client’s often impaired emotional state.

“I played a lot of sports growing up and I’ve always believed that the best defense is a good offense. Aggression creates leverage in litigation. However, we also strive for efficiency. No client wants to be involved in a divorce longer than necessary. In every case, we strive to create the perfect balance between these two principles,” says Attorney Farias

The combination of aggressively and efficiently pursuing the client’s goals and providing elite client service, which tends to the client’s immediate and long-term needs makes for a positively life-changing divorce experience.

The firm focuses mainly on divorce, alimony, property division, child support, child custody and visitation, modifications, contempt’s, and prenuptial agreements, etc.

They have two offices in MA in Easton and Fall River.

Do not inquire with this firm if you want an attorney that:

1. Makes false promises to feed into your unreasonable expectations.

2. Encourages you to make emotion-based decisions that result in loss of your credibility and unnecessary legal fees.

3. Walks into a case desperate for compromise and looking only for whatever the other side is willing to give.

Do inquire if you want an attorney that:

1. Helps you set reasonable goals and fights to pursue them.

2. Prioritizes the attorney-client relationship: is highly accessible, and keeps you informed and involved throughout the process

3. Has an operation that is completely transparent and operates with the highest integrity.

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